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Anand Karaj Act In Delhi


Example: Digital Marriage Certificate of New Delhi

The Delhi Anand Marriages Rules 2018 under which marriages of Sikhs would be registered in the Capital, instead of the Hindu Marriage Act.
If both husband and wife belongs to sikh religion then only they can register marriage in delhi under anand marriage act.

If any party ( husband / wife ) belong to Sikhism and one party ( husband / wife ) belong to any other religion then they can register their marriage under hindu marriage act or special marriage act or compulsory marriage act.

General Information to obtain the Anand Marriage act certificate in delhi are :

Documents required to register under Anand Karaj Marriage are :

  • Gurudwara certificate in which photos of both husband and wife is present.
  • Husband and wife age prof ( passport/10th passing certificate/ adharcard/driving licence).
  • 1 Marriage pic
  • 5 passport size photos each of husband and wife.
  • 2  witnesses must be from delhi would be prefered.   
  • Both witnesses pancard must and for addressprof (adharcard/voterid). 
  • Minimum 2 ids required which contains same current address prof.


• In General 2000 we charge to get the marriage registration online appointment will be arranged within 1-2 working days. for Hindu Marriage Act/Anand Marriage Act/Special marriage Act.
• In tatkal Marriage Registration Certificate we charge 5000 Rs Certifcate within 1-2 days assured.
• For surname change 500 Rs extra
• As per Government guidelines marriage registration Certificate document will be uploaded online within 21 days from the date of appointment in general or tatkal cases as per latest update.
• Complete transperancy nothing hidden

Govt Charges : 500 Rs only 

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